Board and Staff

Santa Fe Concert Band has an elected volunteer board and a great group of volunteers helping maintain the band’s efforts. The board is elected each December as outlined in the Band’s By-Laws.

Our 2022 Governing Board:

President – Paul Kennedy, Percussion

Vice-President – Elaine Heltman, Percussion

Secretary – Sue Petersen, Clarinet

Treasurer – David Dennison, Clarinet

Librarian – Tom Leming, Trombone

Publicity – Emily Snieckus, Tuba

Music Director / Conductor – Greg Heltman

Our Staff:

SFCB consists of volunteer musicians and a volunteer Board.  Most importantly, our band business would not be able to keep moving without our important staff!

The Bugle Editor – Peg Johnson, Clarinet

Safety Officer – Cathy Wisner, Clarinet

Web Site Manager – Paul Kennedy, Percussion

Shirts – Elaine Heltman, Percussion; Amy McMillan, Clarinet

Facebook – Peg Johnson, Clarinet; Jenny Otto, Clarinet

Email – Paul Kennedy, Percussion